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International Journal on Digital Libraries

General information
General information

General information

ECDL2007 venue:

Europa Congress Center (address: 1021 Budapest, Hárshegyi u. 5-7.)
Floor Plan

Registration and Information Desk

The Registration and Information Desk will operate on the Ground floor of the Europa Congress Center. Opening hours:

Sunday, September 16



Monday, September 17



Tuesday, September 18



Wednesday, September 19



Thursday, September 20



Friday, September 21




Please, make sure that you wear your badge at every event you participate in, including the lunches and Social Programs.

Internet - WiFi

Wireless internet will be available on the Conference level.

Authors` Instructions

All rooms are equipped with projectors and laptops. We kindly request the authors to check their slides due in time before their presentations start. If assistance is needed, contact the Registration and Information Desk.


Lunches are served in the restaurant of the Hotel Rege, next to the conference venue.


The Organizers of the Conference do not provide insurance and do not take responsibility for any loss, accident or illness that might occur during the Conference or in the course of travel to or from the meeting site. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the participants to check their coverage with their insurance provider.

Bank, Currency, Credit Cards

The unit of currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF), denoted as “Ft” by the Hungarians. International credit cards (AmEx, EC/MC, Visa) are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shops. ATMs are available at the Airport and in many locations throughout the city.

VAT Refund

The taxpayer registered abroad may ask for the refund of the VAT on products and services (s)he acquired in Hungary, if he/she is registered in a Member State of the European Communities or there is a reciprocity between the State of the registration and the Republic of Hungary (presently these are: Switzerland and Liechtenstein).


The electricity supply in Hungary is 230 V AC (50 Hz).


Hungary is in the temperate zone, the mid-September weather is usually nice and warm. Daily temperature ranges from 15oC to 23oC, and the relative humidity is below 50%.